Our Services

Planning and Preparation

The process begins with providing the best possible rates to you and your intimation to pick up the consignment when it is ready. All costs are upfront, ensuring you’ll receive no extra charges. We’ll assist you at each step of the process and make you aware of all the formalities that are to be fulfilled, packing and packaging that is required, documentation, L/Cs, Insurance etc. We also provide the arrangement for third party imports in which the payment is to be made in an altogether different country.


We have arrangements for Warehouse to Warehouse Marine Insurance for your consignments at negligible rates from United India Insurance company which is a Public Sector Undertaking.

Inland Haulage

You can either deliver the goods at our office, at the airport or we can arrange to pick up the consignment from your doorstep and deliver it to you. We can arrange for handling and transportation of the consignment to the port and forth including all the documentation without bothering you.

Multi-modal Transportation

We are accredited by IATA and FIATA. We have a large network of freight forwarders all around the globe so that you can move the consignment from anywhere. You can opt to move your consignment by any mode – Air, Road or Sea and through any route based on your needs. You can also opt for a combination of these modes and we can easily arrange it for you.

Customs Clearance

We are a Licensed Customs House Agent since 1991 and our director, S. Daljit Singh has an experience of 30 years in this industry. Under his guidance, we undertake clearance of products in various Schemes like:

  • Clearance under DBK S/Bill
  • Clearance under ATA Carnet
  • Clearance under Free S/Bill
  • Clearance under 100% EOU Scheme
  • Clearance under Advance License
  • Clearance under Open General License
  • Clearance under DEPB Scheme
  • Clearance under EPCG Scheme
  • Re-Export Shipments
  • Clearance of Samples/Gift Items
  • Clearance of Un-accompanied Baggage

If complete documents, freight charges and customs duty are provided to us in advance then we can provide you with ‘Demurrage Free Customs Clearance’.

Storage Facility

We also offer safe storage of your goods at our warehouse until an arrangement is made for transportation of the goods to your facility. Cold Storage facility is also available at our warehouse for your perishable shipments. We can also provide for dry-icing and re-packing of your consignments at our warehouse.

Transportation to Importer

Once the shipment has been released from the customs, we’ll arrange for it to be transported to your facility in a timely manner. We’ll provide you with all the loading/unloading equipments to ensure proper handling of your consignment.

Returning & On-forwarding

If your consignment is to be returned to the exporter or it is to be forwarded to some other country then we can also plan that for you as per your requirement and instructions at the best rates.

Exhibition Site Handling

We also undertake the work of site handling at exhibitions and fairs through our own material handling equipment and trained professional labourers. We can handle the complete work of pick-up of the exhibition material from the exhibitors' factories either within India or Internationally, delivery of the material to site and then transporting it back to the exhibitors' factory or the buyer, as the case may be.